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Purple dawn paints bruises my bones each day,
intertwined with the scent of Hibiscus and Azalea.

But my coral sheets immobilize my limbs,
and fuchsia tides lull me back to sleep;
Garbled whispers of Angels and Magicians
engulf me in hued seas

~ BethelStone



Pollen Station, Bees and Sunflower 17 by Miss-Tbones

Great shot on your piece! There are a few things that could be done for improvement. The lighting around the flowers makes it hard to f...


Just made an Instagram account! My username is kitsune_jester.
Hope to see you there! :meow:
Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!
A merry unthanksgiving day to anyone who doesn't celebrate it. ;p

So here's the holiday question: What are you thankful for?

I don't say much, because I listen more than I speak.

I find more patience with blooming flowers than people.

It takes more skill to talk to people rather than painting a cherry blossom.

Dealing with people who have short tempers is more difficult than fitting a large burger into my mouth.

Baking along is more pleasant than working on a group project.

The crashing waves of the ocean is more quieter than a room full of my classmates.

I love being surrounded by a thunderstorm apart from a thousand hoots at a concert.

The combination of a violin and a piano is sweeter than the story of star-crossed lovers.

I'm more familiar with the scientific names in marine biology than the names of a distant family member.

My stuff animals know more facts about me than my close friends.

Now that I have met you, my whole world had changed.

Now you know me, and I know you. We know things about each other that no one else knows.

Spending time with you is like staring at the sunset.

You gave me a feeling I cherish. You made me experience something that I have never felt in a long time.

I don't know what to call that feeling.

I'll figure it out someday.

What is this feeling?
This was something that came out from my head yesterday. But I couldn't put it into words...
25 deviations
I usually charge my phone overnight and it would be 100% by morning.
But in the last two days, it has not been charging properly. The indicator said that it has been charged 100%, but when I unplugged it and turned it on, it said 36%.
So I'm charging it again this morning before I leave, but now it's not charging all the way or it's either going way too slow to charge.
I've been using all of the sockets in my house to see if it was just one outlet that's having the problem, or if I'm not plugging all the components needed, but nothing is working.

I'm working with a Samsung Galaxy phone.
Pollen Station, Bees and Sunflower 17 by Miss-Tbones
Great shot on your piece!
There are a few things that could be done for improvement.

The lighting around the flowers makes it hard to focus on the bees. There should be a stark contrast between the bees and the flower petals so it could be easier to see.
Macro settings would make a perfect moment if you want to capture the bees and the pollen. A deeper depth of field and a higher ISO should do the trick!
Determine what is the focus of your piece. If it's the bees, then focus on the bees. If you want to include the pollen and the bees, go for a closer shot, but don't get stung!
Why do we need Social Security and Medicare?

Just asking for facts.
:star: :iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3: :star:
Hey, everyone! It's me. I feel bright and sunny today, so things are looking up. The news have been horrible lately, very depressing. But, there is still some hope that can be kindled. Maybe it will turn into a great flame? Hopefully.
The autumn season is crisp and chill, so finally some fresh air to breathe in. :D

Senior year's been great so far. I'm still nervous about driving, but once I get the hang of it, I think I'll be just fine.
5 online classes at the same time isn't so bad either. As long as you get your assignments turned in way ahead of the deadline or on time.

With the personal life aside, I've been having some ideas in the back of my head that I want to spill out.

:star: :iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3: :star:
:iconkirbywalloftextplz: I'm getting the Kirby Phase feels, so bear with me.

:bulletred: A Knight's Acceptance :bulletred:
★ I'm planning on rewriting the story. My major goals are to fix plot holes and grammar errors. I reread it and I saw that there are some messes that needs to be cleaned up. Big time. Like Axe's background, even though he came from a life of poverty, I don't think there is much info on how he came to join The Meta-Knights, or how he came to that realization. The ending also felt rushed.

Creating more Novas. There is a possible chance that there is more than one Nova in the Kirby games. Mostly three, concerning that Magolor, Marx, Galacta Knight, and Meta Knight have been in contact with them in multiple instances.
Each of the three Novas will be placed in positions of power, magic, and responsibility. I'll list them in order.
It may not be canon, as there was only one Nova present.
:bulletwhite: The first Nova is whom Kirby meets. She has a sweet, innocent personality but can be a palmtop tiger when angered. Doesn't know much about the occurrences of anywhere else other than Dreamland. Wears clothing like Coco the Reaper in The World Ends With You.
- Magic: Can heal people's hearts and a friend to all animals. Horrible singing skills.
- Role: Guardian or sidekick.

:bulletyellow: Marx and Magolor will meet the second Nova. This is the Nova that I used in "A Moment in Time". She is shy, but pertains more knowledge than the former. A fleeting memory is how often people describe her, and she does feel lonely since she does not do much socializing. An awkward person at first, but once they get to know her, she's a good ally. (Possibly Marx's love interest?)
- Magic: Spell recitation. I think she casts spells like Patchouli Knowledge from Touhou, but at least she is in better condition.
- Role: Princess of a kingdom. Her identity as a Nova will be found out on a soul-searching journey that causes her to run into the duo. 

:bulletblack: The third Nova is the ultimate Nova. The Supreme Nova. Meta Knight and Galacta Knight will have the chance of making her acquaintance as she holds the ultimate power.
- Magic: The power of granting wishes. As the in-game Nova did. It will come into play later, as restoring it back to her could make everything right again. If Galacta Knight wasn't there to cause trouble. She does not have much to say about her position, but she is there to supervise the other two. (Maybe like a hen?)
- Role: Key role, very important

★ Doing a revamp of the Dark Matter Army. I looked at it and I'm wondering to myself, "How in the world did I gain such roundness in these people?" Not to worry, I've improved since last summer, so I'm gonna redo their designs. Especially Zero Two. We know he can be much more menacing than that. ;)

★ Yes, more fanart from that story, too.

★ Also, I'm looking forward to doing more Marx x Nova fanart.

What do you want to see more of? Tell me below!
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☆ Kitsune ☆
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I've always wanted to be an artist when growing up, so I would come here often to look for inspiration. I wanted to draw just like the other people, but I've wanted to do it by myself. I wasn't satisfied with the result of my work and would throw them away until I became happy with what I did. Through this community, I seek to improve through my work and help others also.
Other than that, my hobbies usually consist of watching anime or waltzing through here.

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